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2013-2014 Children, Families, Health, & Human Services Interim Committee

The committee's final report, "Considering the Health and Well-Being of Montanans," summarizes the activities the committee undertook to carry out its two assigned studies and other duties.

For a list of committee bills that will be introduced in the 2015 Legislature, please click here.

More detailed information about the outcome of the committee's assigned studies is available on the HJR 16 Study page and the SJR 20 Study page.

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CFHHS Committee Topics

The Children and Families Committee is responsible by law for carrying out interim studies and monitoring the activities of the Department of Public Health and Human Services. Senate Bill 423 in 2011 also gave the committee the responsibility of monitoring implementation of the Montana Marijuana Act, which replaced the former Montana Medical Marijuana Act.

Reports and other materials related to these topics are available by clicking on the links below.

The committee's work plan outlined how it would handle these responsibilities throughout the interim. The committee's final report, "Considering the Health and Well-Being of Montanans," summarizes the information the committee received over the interim and the actions it took related to its studies and other duties.

Assigned Studies

Oversight Responsibilities

The Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee proposed several bills as a result of its work during the 2013-2014 interim. It also authorized for early drafting and preintroduction one bill proposed by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

Committee-proposed legislation is listed below by topic, followed by DPHHS-requested legislation.

The committee revised some bill drafts before taking final action. In those instances, each version of the bill draft is listed, including the final version approved for introduction in the 2015 Legislature. The official drafting (LC) number assigned to the approved bill drafts is listed in parentheses behind the subject of the bill. The bill's progress through the legislative process may be followed using the official LC number in the online bill-tracking system.

HJR 16 Study: State-Operated Institutions

SJR 20 Study: Prescription Drug Abuse

The committee approved the following SJR 20-related bill drafts.

The committee considered, but did not advance, the following bill drafts.

  • LCCF01: Pain Management Rules
  • LCCF09: Prescriptions for Minors

Legislation Related to Human Services

In August, stakeholders proposed a bill draft to appropriate $1.2 million to fund pilot projects for youth crisis diversion services. The committee agreed to introduce the measure as a committee bill; the draft will be posted when it becomes available.

  • LC 334: Youth Crisis Diversion Grants

Agency Legislation

The committee approved the legislative proposal submitted by the Department of Public Health and Human Services for preintroduction in the 2015 session.

The Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Committe reviews administrative rules proposed by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The complete text for any of the proposed rules listed below, including any hearing information, may be accessed by visiting and entering the MAR Notice Number in the "Search by Notice No." field in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Additional information regarding rulemaking and the Legislature's role in the administrative rulemaking prcess may be accessed here.

Department of Public Health and Human Services

Notice Date MAR Notice No. Agency, Board or Commission Subject Staff Memo/Other Documents
8/21/14 37-689 DPHHS

Revising fee schedules for Medicaid provider rates

8/21/14 37-688 DPHHS

Updating the date of the current procedural terminology codes

8/21/14 37-687 DPHHS

Updating the state trauma plan

8/7/14 37-686 DPHHS

Date changes to International Classification of Diseases clinical modification and procedural coding system services

8/7/14 37-685 DPHHS

Addition of a new supervision level within the foster care classification model system

7/24/14 37-684 DPHHS

Physician and mid-level practitioner reimbursement for early elective delivery and ancillary services

7/24/14 37-683 DPHHS

Fee schedule revision for durable medical equipment, home and community-based services, and personal assistance and self-directed personal assistance services

7/24/14 37-682 DPHHS

Plan First eligibility -- Federal Poverty Level and health coverage status

7/24/14 37-681 DPHHS

Removal of anesthesiologist assistants from outpatient centers for surgical services rules

7/10/14 37-679 DPHHS

Pertaining to SED youth, mental health outpatient partial hospital services, and Medicaid mental health authorization requirements

6/26/14 37-680 DPHHS Pertaining to updating the Montana retail food establishment rules  
5/8/14 37-678 DPHHS Pertaining to Medicaid outpatient and inpatient hospital services  
5/8/14 37-677 DPHHS Pertaining to newborn screening and follow-up of failed screenings  
4/24/14 37-676 DPHHS Pertaining to dialysis clinic method of reimbursement  
4/24/14 37-675 DPHHS Pertaining to Medicaid reimbursement for ambulatory surgery centers  
5/8/14 37-674 DPHHS

Pertaining to the update of developmental disabilities program home and community-based waiver and case management reimbursement

4/24/14 37-673 DPHHS Pertaining to revisions of by report reimbursement  
4/24/14 37-672 DPHHS Pertaining to Medicaid allied health services program reimbursement and rates  
4/24/14 37-671 DPHHS

Pertaining to nursing facility reimbursement

4/24/14 37-670 DPHHS

Pertaining to the revision of fee schedules for Medicaid provider rates

4/24/14 37-669 DPHHS

Pertaining to the mental health center: comprehensive school and community treatment program (CSCT) endorsement requirements

4/24/14 37-668 DPHHS

Updating the Montana telecommunications program guidelines to the federal poverty index 2014 levels

3/27/14 37-667 DPHHS Vocational Rehabilitation Program Payment for Services  
3/13/14 37-666 DPHHS Update of Federal Poverty Guidelines for Children’s Special Health Services Program  
1/16/14 37-665 DPHHS International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification and Procedure Coding System Services -- Adoption of ICD-10  
1/16/14 37-664 DPHHS Medicaid Provider Rates  
1/16/14 37-663 DPHHS Child Care Assistance  
1/16/14 37-643 DPHHS Adult Foster Care Homes  
12/26/13 37-662 DPHHS Certification of Mental Health Professional Person  
12/26/13 37-661 DPHHS Hospice Reimbursement  
12/12/13 37-660 DPHHS HEDIS Components of Quality Assessment Activities  
12/12/13 37-659 DPHHS Guardianship Subsidies  
11/27/13 37-658 DPHHS Amendments to Laboratory Testing Fees  
11/14/13 37-657 DPHHS Amendments to Low Income Energy Assistance Program  
11/14/13 37-656 DPHHS Amendments to Passport to Health Program  
11/14/13 37-655 DPHHS Amendments to Emergency Medical Services  
11/14/13 37-654 DPHHS

Amendment to Big Sky Rx Premium Payments

10/31/13 37-653 DPHHS Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Services  
10/31/13 37-653 DPHHS Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Services  
10/31/13 37-652 DPHHS Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Program  


37-651 DPHHS Amendment to 1915(i) Home and Community-Based Services State Plan Program for Youth with SED  


37-650 DPHHS Amendment to Medicaid Inpatient Hospital Services  
9/19/13 37-649 DPHHS Amendment to Non-Medicaid Services Program for Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance  
9/19/13 37-648 DPHHS Amendment/Repeal of Home Support Services and Medicaid Mental Health Services for Youth Authorization Requirements  
9/19/13 37-647 DPHHS Amendment to Vocational Rehabilitation Program  
9/5/13 37-646 DPHHS Amendments to Medicaid Pharmacy Unit Dose Prescription Fee and Mental Health Youth Services Fee  
9/5/13 37-645 DPHHS Eligibility for Developmental Disabilities Services Program  
9/5/13 37-644 DPHHS Placement Determinations for Home and Community-Based Services Programs for Persons with Developmental Disabilities  


37-642 DPHHS Amendments to Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children  
6/20/13 37-641



Amendments to Children’s Special Health Services Program

6/20/13 37-640 DPHHS Minimum Standards for Health Care Facilities  
6/20/13 37-639 DPHHS Amendments to Healthy Montana Kids Program  
6/20/13 37-638 DPHHS Amendments to Passport to Health Program  
6/6/13 37-637 DPHHS Licensure Requirements for Outpatient Centers for Surgical Services  
4/25/13 37-636 DPHHS Fee Schedules for Medicaid Provider Rates  
4/25/13 37-635 DPHHS Nursing Facility Reimbursement Rates  
4/25/13 37-634 DPHHS Reimbursement of Services for Developmental Disability Program Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Programs  
4/25/13 37-633 DPHHS Case Management Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities  
4/25/13 37-631 DPHHS Medicaid Home and Community-Based Service Program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities  
3/14/13 37-629 DPHHS Discontinuation of Services by Provider of Developmental Disability Community Services  
2/28/13 37-625 DPHHS Developmental Disabilities Program Staffing  
1/17/13 37-624 DPHHS Communicable Disease Control  


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