Montana State Legislature

Standing Committees

Standing committees (also referred to as Session Committees) are established each session in the rules adopted for each house of the Legislature. Standing committees meet regularly to hear bills on assigned subject matter.

A standing committee plays a key role in the legislative process in the following ways:

  • serving as the primary forum for face-to-face participation by citizens in the legislative process;
  • using the collective expertise of its members to review, analyze; and
  • amending proposed legislation regarding subjects within the committee's purview;
  • recommending the passage or disapproval of bills; and
  • providing an opportunity for citizens to observe the workings of a representative democracy.

A list of the standing committees and assigned members, as established for the 2021 Regular Session, may be downloaded for the House and the Senate. Members and other information are subject to change.

Detailed information, including bill hearings and committee members, is available through the bill lookup application (known as LAWS).

To view archive standing committee information, the session year can be changed by selecting the desired year from the dropdown list located at the top right side of the LAWS homepage


Joint Appropriations Subcommittees

Meet during the first part of each session to consider budget bills that appropriate money and give state agencies authority to spend money. They are made up of members from the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance and Claims Committee. Detailed information can also be found from the Committee and Hearing Information Page.

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