Montana State Legislature

LFD Goals & Objectives


The Legislative Fiscal Division provides non-partisan budget and data analysis to the Montana Legislature so all lawmakers have objective, accurate, and relevant information to make state financial decisions.


Improve communication with legislators in person and on the web to better meet the division's mission by:

  • Visiting legislators around the state to explain state financial status
  • Increasing web usage through enhanced information, performance, and accessibility
  • Continuously improving the education of legislators through:
    • orientation training
    • various training opportunities during the legislative session
    • educational materials
    • enhanced web resources

Continually invest in staff and develop their skills by:

  • Maintaining non-partisanship and independence
  • Ensuring staff is knowledgeable and has highly technical skills in areas including accounting and the legal process; state programs; computer systems, data sets, and other tools
  • Ensuring staff can perform rigorous analysis that withstands scrutiny including forecasting, modeling and fiscal policy
  • Maintaining effective communication skills and presenting as informative, efficient, professional and understandable
  • Remaining adaptable to the changing legislative environment
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