Montana State Legislature


Montana Legislator Compensation

How legislators are compensated, or paid, for their work as public officials is outlined in Title 5, Part 2 of the 2019 Montana Code Annotated.

  • SALARY RATE- $100.46/day (Equivalent to $12.56/hr)
  • PER DIEM RATE (Session)- $126.12/day 
  • TRAVEL RATES (Caucus/Orientation/Interim)- (Note: Rates listed are as of 2/26/2021. (Certain rates change annually)
    • Meals – $7.50(B)/ $8.50(L)/ $14.50(D)
    • Lodging, Helena - $103.00 (plus applicable taxes)
    • Mileage - $0.585/mile (updated 1/2022)
    • Air Transportation - $1.16/nautical mile


For more information about salary and compensation, contact Legislative Financial Services at (406) 444-4380.

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